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Panama Photography Adventure 

Dig into your passion for photography as you master techniques and find inspiration on Panama’s cobblestone streets, on its thrilling rapids, or among its indigenous Gnobe community.  

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It could be as simple as a dusty road or as dramatic as a poison dart frog. A little boy from the indigenous Gnobe tribe just hanging out by a tree or the way the sun bounces off a dewy orchid. Panama is destined to pull you in with its blend of Spanish Colonialism, modern architecture, coffee plantations and stunning diversity. Venture from islands, beaches and reefs over the continental divide past volcanoes, waterfalls and cloud forest. Draw from a lifetime’s worth of inspiration and ultimately create a vivid portfolio filled with images that play with lighting, action and color.  

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“Broadreach lit my son’s desire to understand the world, far away cultures, and Mother Nature on her terms.” — Rachel McClary, Plano, TX


  • Explore and photograph the captivating culture and landscapes of Panama
  • Learn the technical and artistic aspects of digital photography
  • Learn digital production, editing and basic Lightroom skills
  • Create a professional photography portfolio
  • Any or all: surfing, rock climbing, sea kayaking and whitewater rafting

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Costs & Dates

Dates Days Grades Cost
Jun 28–Jul 18 21 10-12 $5380
Jul 21–Aug 10 21 9-11 $5380
Please choose your grade as of January 1st from the dropdown above and your cost and dates will be displayed.
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  • 3 College Credits
  • 12 Community Service Hours
  • Experience Required
  • No experience necessary
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