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Caribbean Tropical Marine Biology 

Tropical Marine Biology

Do over 22 dives in 24 days and shadow marine biologists on an ocean adventure that will take you from mangroves in St. Kitts to awe-inspiring wrecks in Statia.  

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This program is an eye-opening exploration of the biology and ecology of marine communities. Living aboard a 45-foot yacht and hopping from one diverse island to another gives you the freedom and flexibility to discover the unparalleled diversity of ecosystems found in this tropical region of the world. Learn under the guidance of professional marine biologists. Tackle marine conservation. Understand the biochemical nature of marine environments. Learning is always active, experiential and enlightening — never boring.  

Marine Biology Study Abroad Program
“For the rest of my life, the greatest stories I will tell my friends and family will be about this trip!” — Dan Freitas, Rochester NY


  • Earn 3 college marine science credits through Lesley University
  • Hands-on marine studies and research
  • Explore diverse Caribbean islands on a live-aboard voyage
  • Learn underwater research techniques
  • Help with data collection for REEF fish survey project
  • Take home multiple PADI scuba certifications

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Costs & Dates

Dates Days Grades Cost
Jun 11–Jul 4 24 College $5880
Jul 7–Jul 30 24 College $5880
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  • 3 College Credits
  • 6 Available Certifications
  • 5 Community Service Hours
  • Experience Required
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • High school graduate
  • High school or college biology
  • Minimum GPA: 2.50
  • Completed at least one semester at college or graduated high school over a year ago
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